Our Team

Our Team

At Ampu Products Inc, we take pride in employing outstanding experts. Our full time sales experts are highly trained in the Imaging supplies products. Ampu Products Inc supports its dealers with the tools necessary to compete with much larger multi-national companies. We empower our sales experts with detailed knowledge of the market, manufacturer resources and ink and toner cartridge industry experts can grow the finest ink and toner businesses in the industry.

Ampu Products Inc Management Team Experts

Ampu Products Inc expert management committee encompasses an extraordinary level of experience, talent, support and integrity. With fifteen years experience in the field of imaging consumables, IT products providing customer support. Ampu Products Inc leadership continually strives to improve competitiveness by lowering costs and remaining committed to satisfying customer needs. Members of our expert management team take an active role in day-to-day operations at Ampu Products Inc. They understand how vital dealers are to a successful ink, toner and Imaging supplies business and make themselves available at customer support center all the time to answer any questions that may arise.



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